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We are a user experience platform for the auto leasing vertical. We are a consumer facing product that helps dealerships and consumers connect with true auto lease pricing and data.


The leasing market is not being catered to properly and we feel as a company this is being overlooked. More people today than ever are leasing cars. From last year to this year alone leasing is up 8% nationally from 25% to 33% lease penetration in the US.


We host dealer inventory feeds, and calculate the entire inventory using the dealer’s predetermined selling price. This will insure an aggressive and true lease payment. Each car will have its own unique price. You wont see 199. You’ll see 211, 136, 472. REAL PAYMENTS. The user can also pencil their own deals right there on our site to adjust their cap cost reductions and terms. We feel allowing the user to pencil their own deal will result in a higher conversion with higher quality. The idea of shopping by payment is the future. Leasing is just the beginning.

Lease Calculator:

Our lease calculator was developed in house with extensive research and knowledge. This data driven tool is what drives the quality of the lead up and streamlines the sales process for you the dealer. To inquire on how to have our lease calculator built on to your dealerships website. Click Here

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